Our Cycling Tracks

You never forget how to cycle.. is not just a saying, but scientifically approved. You can take a test on one of our various cycling trails. No matter if mountain bike, touring bike, racing bike or e-bike – a track for every tire. The tracks versatile and diversified - for beginners, families and professionals. We can tell you where to plan for pauses, what needs to be discovered or where you can find the closest service station.


Come and choose your favourite tour!

Radweg bei Sulzschneid | © Sabrina Schindzielorz

Local Service

Oberdorfer Radhaus
Aschermann & Barth GbR

Kaufbeurener Straße 1, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 41386


Radsport Rieger

Iglauer Straße 19, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 2383

Oberdorfer Radhaus
Aschermann & Barth GbR

Kaufbeurener Straße 1, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 41386


Andi’s Fahrradwerkstatt
Andreas Kartschewski
Hauptstraße 1
87663 Lengenwang

You can find a service&repair station in the district “Rieder” opposite to the local store at the main road. Furthermore you can acquire airpump and repair-sets at the tourism info at the town hall during opening hours.

Tube vending machines are located at the local bike stores.

Right next to the town hall, at the parking lot Bahnhofstr. you will find three lockable E-Bike charging stations. The access key is available at the tourist office in the town hall.

Oberdorfer Radlrunde

Logo Oberdorfer Radlrunde

A comfortable bike tour around Marktoberdorf and its villages: 34 km, mostly on paved roads and with only small height differentials in between. But there is much to see: the impressive baroque-church in Bertholdshofen, the rural atmosphere in Sulzschneid, adventurous paths away from the main roads and one of the most modern breweries in the Allgäu – be ready to be surprised.


Kirche St. Michael, Bertoldshofen | © Christoph Jorda

This tour can be started in two different ways: comfortable or exhausting! The total distance of 24,9km is manageable and there is only 70m in total altitude. The scenery of the Geltnach-valley from Altdorf, Bertoldshofen to Rieder and back to Marktoberdorf invites both recreational and racing cyclists – hop on! 

Southern Lands

Landschaft | © Stefan Schmid

Starting from Marktoberdorf towards Rieder, Sulzschneid, Lengenwang, Wald and back through Leuterschach, you will always be accompanied by the impressive mountainview. It does go up and down on that 27,6km trail and you have to manage 220m in altitude. The trail runs on paved roads and is also convenient for racing-cycles. But please don’t forget: put your heads up and enjoy the mountainview.


Logo der Dampflokrunde

Stamina needed – as the tour has a length of 76,5km. It runs along two former rail-tracks – the Sachsenrieder Bähnles and the Lechbrucker Rutsche. On 1st of July 1899 the first train took its journey towards Lechbruck! Today those rail tracks have been transformed into gorgeous bicycle tracks. The tour can be split into different stages and offers several connections to other bicycle-tours.

Palace garden's tour // Schlossparkradrunde 

Logo Schlossparkradrunde Allgäu | © Tourismusverband Ostallgäu

If you want to explore the full diversity of the Ostallgäu, the "Schlosspark"-tour is your choice. With a total length of 218,5 km this tour leads from King Ludwigs Castle to the home of famous priest Kneipp in Bad Wörishofen. The German Cycling Association has rewarded this tour with the best rating of five stars.

Helpful information about the tour, parking lots, service stations for bicycles and many more can be acquired at our tourism info – as well as free cycling maps. The Allgäu Shuttle will transport your luggage if needed – so you can enjoy an untroubled journey.

Cyclingtour Allgäu

Logo Allgäu Radweg

156 km in length is the Allgäu Cycling-Tour – with a vivid scenery it leads from Isny to Halblech. Marktoberdorf is right in the middle and is an ideal starting, finishing or resting point. In invites to stay, recover and then continue the tour. The bicycle-friendly trainstation helps with connections to other cycling stages, offering highly individualised tours for everbodies taste.

Cyclingtour Allgäu

Logo Radrunde Allgäu | © Allgäu GmbH

This tour leads to the most beautiful spots.


Contiously downhill along some riverbanks, steep trails up the mountain, across valleys and canyons or comfortably across meadows and fields.


460 km of road network offer nine different combinations: along big and small sights, charming towns and villages, always with the scenic mountains in the background – for touring and racing cyclists, mountain bike and E-Bike-riders. Comfortable taverns are inviting for a stop, idyllic places for a rest. Marktoberdorf is right in the centre of the Cyclingtour Allgäu. Here you get everything a cyclist needs – if power charging or a new bike as well as repair and spare-part-service. And when you are ready you can continue your tour down south within the Schlosspark – or better go up north water-walking with Kneipp?


We will provide you maps and touring tips. The luggage service Allgäu is taking care of the reliable delivery of your belongings. And if you don’t feel like cycling anymore, just buckel up you bike and take the train.


Logo Wertach erleben

The speciality with cycling along a river is – its always going downhill. The starting point of the river Wertach is at 1078m and the finishing point where it connects with the river Lech in Augsburg lies at 463m. There is so much to explore on that 150km trail, so many cozy places to rest, so many traditional restaurants to visit – time specifications are impossible. Just don’t get agitated.