Marktoberdorfer Museums

There is a large variety among the museums in Marktoberdorf – from contemporary, vanguard to rural countrified up to roman antique.

Stadt Marktoberdorf

City museum

Außenansicht Martinsheim | © Stadt Marktoberdorf

Betake yourself on a journey through the history of Martkoberdorf. Starting from a roman outpost and alemanni graveyards you reach the electors early modern age and end at the industrialisation in the 20th century.

Giant Mountains Museum

Rübezahl, um 1960 | © Stadt Marktoberdorf

The Riesengebirgsmuseum of Marktoberdorf memorizes a lost homeland. Go along with Rübezahl, familiar spirit of the Giant Mountains to discover the treasures and traditions of his home country.


Büste von Paul Röder, um 1950 | © Stadt Marktoberdorf

An impressive amount of artwork of artist Paul Röder (1897 – 1962) as well as a collection of African, Asian and Oceanic weapons and cultural objects can be marvelled at in the Martinsheim.

Homeland Museum at the Hartmannhaus

Heimatmuseum im Hartmannhaus | © Heinz Budjarek

The homeland museum at the Hartmannhaus with its lovingly created farming gardens awakes a piece of nostalgia and presents uncountable antiquities from the rural past of Marktoberdorf.

Educational Service

Guided tours with Rübezahl to the Giant Mountains, doing the laundry like 100 years ago or calligraphies with Clemens Wenzeslaus. There are services and offers for every age group at those extracurricular museums.

Marktoberdorf Gallery

Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf | © Nikolaus Steglich

The gallery of artists and museum of contemporary art in Marktoberdorf is located in a unique and modern exhibition center with clear and cubic brick architecture.


Römerbad / Roman Remains