Hiking Trails

Rightfully hiking and pilgrimaging are currently under a renaissance. Not only healthy, but salutary for body and mind! Start your journey and discover the foothills of the alps. Take a break and enjoy the breathtaking views on mountains and lakes, forests and fields.


Our routes follow your needs: Families with children, professional nordic walkers, active silver-agers, and pilgrims with recreational needs are all finding their way of life. We do have a fitting tour for everyone – and share our insider-tipps.

Wandern rund um Marktoberdorf | © Christoph Jorda

Local Service

Our hosts are looking forward to welcome you to their holiday home. The vacation rental Haus Rößle is a high quality certified host. Qualified consulting, maps and an extraordinary service specialised in hiking go without saying.


Haus Rößle****

Frau Doris Rößle

Weibletshofen 9, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 1287

Our hosts are looking forward to welcome you to their holiday home. The Geipel Family of the Pilgrims Hostel Elfie`s Pilgerquartier has specialized their offer for Jakobs-pilgrims by becoming more than just a holiday home. Being Jakobs-Pilgrims themselves, they can give useful tips for the upcoming routes. This is the place to share stories and start friendships.


Elfie`s Pilgerquartier

Familie Geipel

Reichshofstraße 4, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 7019718



If you are on your pilgrimage you can get your Jakobs-stamp for this local stage at the following adresses. 


Arthouse Outdoor

Meichelbeckstraße 18, 87616 Marktoberdorf


Blochums Speisemeisterei

Georg-Fischer-Straße 4, 87616 Marktoberdorf


Café Greinwald

Georg-Fischer-Straße 22, 87616 Marktoberdorf


Elfie´s Pilgerquartier - Familie Geipel

Reichshofstraße 4, 87616 Marktoberdorf


Hotel-Gasthof zum Hirsch

Georg-Fischer-Straße 1, 87616 Marktoberdof


Pfarramt St. Martin

Kurfürstenstraße 13, 87616 Marktoberdorf


Touristikbüro Marktoberdorf

Richard-Wengenmeier-Platz 1, 87616 Marktoberdorf


Kirche St. Alban

Geisenrieder Straße 14, 87616 Marktoberdorf-Geisenried

Terra Nostra I

Johann Fischer-Förderverein Römerbad e.V. | © Johann Fischer-Förderverein Römerbad e.V.

Here you can hit two birds with one stone. The Terra Nostra I nature trail will explain the cultural- historical and geologic specialties of the area along the 4 km tour with its different stations. The Klobunzele-trial runs along the same way and offers adventurous learning-points for the little wanderers. There is much to discover: from forest-phone to climbing activities. Start and ending point is the parking lot of the lake Kuhstallweiher, right next to the archeologic site – “Römerbad” (roman remains) – an exciting tramp for kids and their parents.

Terra Nostra II

Startplatz Terra Nostra und Klobunzeleweg | © Stefan Schmid

The Terra Nostra Trail is 6km. It takes you to one of the most promising routes from the scenic lake Kuhstallweiher passing through the forests of the Hochwieswald to Rieder, then an ancient plague cemetery and back to the starting point. The tour is just perfect for Nordic walking fans. 13 educational boards are informing about ecologic and historic topics and at the end the archeological excavation “Römerbad” awaits you.


Wenzeslaus Logo | © Stadt Marktoberdorf

The Clemens-Wenzeslaus-Trail starts right in the city centre of Marktoberdorf, and guides you along the traces of its eponym to his favourite places – the temple at the end of the linden alley. Information boards along the 6 km tour are telling the story about Marktoberdorfs most famous inhabitant – take a glimpse into the world of an elector.

The wanderer’s trilogy of the Allgäu

Logo der Wandertrilogie Allgäu | © Allgäu GmbH

“Meadow-Walkers, Water-Runners, Sky-Rushers” are coinciding with the nature of the wanderer’s trilogy of the Allgäu.


Take a tour on one of the 53 stages with more than 876 km of wandering trails throughout the whole Allgäu. After you finished, you start the next stage, and the next, and the next. With us, the journey is the reward.


At the three courses of the Meadow-Walkers, Water-Runners and Sky-Rushers you can experience different heights and landforms. Come and learn how the Allgäu was shaped and became one of the most fascinating cultural landforms. Immerge into the mystic stories of our ancestors, wander along the traces of King Ludwig II. Become a part of these stories. In Marktoberdorf the Meadow Walkers meet the Water-Runners. At a local tour you get to know, why Marktoberdorf is at the centre of this fabled region. Let the gossiping Zenzi tell you spooky shivering stories on one of our guided tours through the “old town”. The next day is then open for new adventures - just follow the signs with little stone men “Steinmännle”. By the way, just head on – we take care of your luggage at all times.


Ostallgäuer Wandering Tours

Ostallgäuer Wanderweg | © Tourismusverband Ostallgäu

The Ostallgäuer wandering tours are offering extra-ordinary views, leading through idyllic forests and along scenic lakes. They are commencing from Marktoberdorf in a starlike shape into all directions: to the north until Buchloe, down south to Füssen, to Nesselwang in the south-west and Ronsberg in the west. These tours vary from 30 to 50 km. On the way back, you can take the train or Allgäu Shuttle – which will bring your belongings with you. Its time to become an Allgäu-Expert.


Munich Way of St. James 

Logo des Münchener Jakobsweges

Pilgrimaging from Munich to the lake Bodensee is a 250 km stage. Marktoberdorf lies right in the middle and is starting and ending point of several alternatives. One of the trails heads from the Auerberg through the Geltnach valley to Marktoberdorf and further leads to Oberthingau and Görisried. You can take a rest with one of our specialised pilgrim hosts before resuming your tour with the small blue signs and the pilgrims mussel on it. The trails, usually country lanes are bypassing a variety of churches and chapels, places of contemplation and peace.