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Feel like a king

The KönigsCard (Kings Card) offers a variety of included services with no extra pay. Every guest staying at a Kings Card host, receives a KingsCard during his or her stay. The card remains valid from the first until the last day. The service includes offers from lift stations to boat cruises in the area of the Allgäu, Austria and Upper Bavaria.

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Die KönigsCard in Marktoberdorf

Our Hosts are looking forward to welcome you. As one of their special services the following holiday home owners and hotels are offering the Kings Card. It includes more than 250 attractions and events in the region - already included in your hotel fee. 



Bauernhof Knestel

Frau Clara Knestel

Weibletshofen 4, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 5979



Ferienwohnung Ella´s Landoase

Frau Ignaziella Griesmann

Höfatsweg 3, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 7052105


Ferienwohnung Zinecker

Frau Katja Zinecker

Reichshofstraße 3, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 914771



Frau Silvia Gerber

Am Wildbann 1, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 897436


Anton-Schmid-Indoor and outdoor-pool

Bahnhofstraße 42, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 895270

Künstlerhaus Marktoberodrf


Klette am Ette - Tree Crag

Ettwieser Weiher, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 0160 92585593



Johann-Georg-Fendt-Straße 38, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 9120


Ice Rink Marktoberdorf

Mühlsteig 26, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 8956550


Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf

Kemptener Straße 5, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 918337


Filmburg Marktoberdorf (Cinema)

Gschwenderstraße 7, 87616 Marktoberdorf

Telefon: 08342 916683


Do you have any further questions concerning the KönigsCard? Our colleagues from the KönigsCard BetriebsGmbH as well as from the tourism office Marktoberdorf would be happy to help you:


KönigsCard Betriebs GmbH

Hauptstraße 8, 87663 Lengenwang

Phone: 08364 9858812



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