Our Region

Priceless Moments...

Are usually the result of all bits and bobs – a special scent, a mood, sounds and noises that remain in head and heart. Once in a while the memories of these moments suddenly appear during the daily routine and make us happy.


Mitternacht auf dem Auerberg | © Christoph Jorda

In the following you can find proposals to collect some of those priceless moments.

Nothing to hear yet, suddenly the first birds start chirping, others are stepping in – what a concert. The fog in the valley slowly disappears, it turns invisible like smoke and the first sunbeams are passing. The night is gone and a new day arrived.


To be collected at the “Buffernandl” at the Auerberg,  Stötten.


The river Wertach is running slowly – perfect for Kneipp-bathing. A bench and a table invite for a rest. There are some stone figures already and building material is plentiful! And it is not for kids only. Skill and patience are required.

To be collected at the Wertachschleife on the Wertach trail in Wald.

There is no better place for a bench. Front row! Some smooth hills climaxed by the Allgäu Alps. A gigantic scenery. A moment to feel so small and those mountains so exalting. So beautiful.


Seen in Lengenwang at the clover leaf paths.

It was once a miller’s village as documented already in 839 in history books. The Kirnach is running right through the village and driving the mills. One of them is still running. The water flowing and wheel turning is mesmerising. A miller’s song comes to the mind. The thoughts are flowing away and wheel keeps turning.


Visit Ruderatshofen , with the old mill.

Ducks are waddling along the brook, swans are swimming along with their heads up and cows and calves are taking a look from their stables. The brave ones put their hand close and the curious calves will lick them – tickling.

To be collected in Aitrang next to the Kirnach.


In Aitrang at the Kirnach.

Just stop and hold. Pilgrims are passing by, packed with back-pack and a smile in the face. Having a look at the “Manterl”. Who might have set it up? A petitioner or a thankful donor? Am I thankful for something? Moments of contemplation.


In Unterthingau/Oberthingau and Münchener Jakobsweg.

Who will find it first? The winner can take a rest. Just lying back, slightly rocking and the leaves are dancing in the wind. A short break, charging energy and then it goes back on the nature trail.


To be collected at the nature trail in Görisried.

A local artist created it – the landing place for angels at the Buchel. It is an artwork to climb on. You can find it between three single trees beyond the Buchel-Forest. The most beautiful moments are at night. Lean back and enjoy the starry sky. You will soon see the angels landing.


To be experienced at the  Buchel in Marktoberdorf.