Our Region

The Allgäu

The people are proud of their beloved land – the Allgäu


It is a working mix, which forms the appeal of the region. The south with the mighty alpine mountains bordering on Austria, the north with its wide plains and forests and in between smooth hills and idyllic lakes. Historical cities with a lot of tales to tell, charming little villages and of course King Ludwigs fairy-tale Castle Neuschwanstein and the impressing ruins of the Falkenstein, Freyberg- and Eisenberg- castles.


Right in the middle, Marktoberdorf, not directly at the mountains, but with a good view into the alps, not in the flat lands, but surrounded by small elevations, the meandering river Wertach and some lakes. Come visit us for hiking and biking, shopping and relaxing – we want to show you the beauty of the Allgäu.

Allgäuer Landschaft mit Löwenzahn | © Stefan Schmid

The wanderer’s trilogy of the Allgäu

“Meadow-Walkers, Water-Runners, Sky-Rushers” are coinciding with the nature of the wanderer’s trilogy of the Allgäu.


Take a tour on one of the 53 stages with more than 876 km of wandering trails throughout the whole Allgäu. After you finished, you start the next stage, and the next, and the next. With us, the journey is the reward.


At the three courses of the Meadow-Walkers, Water-Runners and Sky-Rushers you can experience different heights and landforms. Come and learn how the Allgäu was shaped and became one of the most fascinating landmarks. Immerge into the mystic stories of our ancestors, wander along the traces of King Ludwig II. Become a part of these stories. In Marktoberdorf the Meadow Walkers meet the Water-Runners. At a local tour you get to know, why Marktoberdorf is at the centre of this fabled region. Let the gossiping Zenzi tell you spooky shivering stories on one of our guided tours through the “old town”. The next day is then open for new adventures  - just follow the signs with little stone men “Steinmännle”. By the way, just head on – we take care of your luggage at all times.







Radrunde Allgäu

This is the tour leading to the most beautiful spots.


Contiously downhill along some riverbanks, steep trails up the mountain, across valleys and canyons or comfortably across plains and fields.


460 km of road network offers nine different combinations: along big and small sights, charming towns and villages, but always with the scenic mountains in the background – for touring and racing cyclists, mountainbike and E-Bike-riders. Comfortable restaurants are inviting for a stop, idyllic places for a rest. Marktoberdorf is right in the centre of the Cyclingtour Allgäu. Here you get everything a cyclist needs – if power charging or a new bike incl. repair and spare-part-service. And when you are ready you can continue your tour down south within the Schlosspark – or better go up north water-walking with Kneipp?


We will provide you maps and touring tips. The luggage service Allgäu is taking care of the reliable delivery of your belongings. And if you don’t feel like cycling anymore, just pick your bike and travel a few kilometres by train.


Cities tales of the Allgäu

The Romans have founded Cambodunum which is known as Kempten today and is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Emperor Maximilian called Memmingen his regeneration cell, Kaufbeuren became imperial city, Bavarian Kings went to Füssen as their summer resort and his highness, elector Clemens Wenzeslaus even retired in Marktoberdorf


A historic glimpse at our cities pays off – city centres and museums harbour a lot of treasures. Prepared with thrills for kids and adults our guided tours are trapping with different focuses resulting in diverting excursions.


There are many stories to tell about those Allgäu cities – your chance to immerse.