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Der Schlosspark im Allgäu / Palace Gardens

A garden full of stories.


It were the glaciers once, millions of years ago, that shaped the scenery of the Allgäu. When they were drawn back at the end of the ice age they left this unique interplay of the smooth hills, misty valleys, moors and lakes guarded by the cliffy Alps.


Once upon a time, there was a king that was under the charm of this scenery, just to realize his vision of a fairy-tale castle. The view from the world-knows Castle Neuschwanstein reveals the diversity and beauty of the lands and creates the perfect illusion of a rambling palace garden. Imposing mountain peaks, magical and historic cities, sleepy villages, with big lakes and small waters, like gigantic palace ponds, powerfull rivers and bubbling brooks, a landscape opens like in a fairy-tale. There are small and big stories, myths and legends at every placethat want to be discovered like in a book of myths. The palace gardens are one of nine adventure spaces, which the Allgäu can be separated in and reaches from the kings castles with famous König Ludwig II down south to the medieval cities of Kaufbeuren and Buchloe up in the north. It embraces an imposing mountains landscape, royal balcony and places of idyll.

Schloss Neuschwanstein | © Kanuman - Shutterstock.de

Fabulous Stories

Mystic land and mysterious places.


There are many places around Marktoberdorf and the surrounding villages at which old stories remain vivid.


It is not surprising, that our children are setting off to trace those stories. For example up on the Buchel where once cattle was fed and a Chapple was established to worship Saint Wendelin. He is Saint and watchman of the cattle. He was furthermore known for his wonders. In cases of lovers grief the young maids came up here to find their chosen one in a rightful and rather quick way. A story to tell…


The tale of the wizard Frastini, mysteriously stopping high-tides is another one. And Clemens Wenzeslaus, who was not only responsible for the linden alley but also the main figure in many tales.


This town is like discovering a book foll of tales, worthy exploring. For the ones preferring to discover those tales like our children on the spot must attend one of the fabulous guided tours with Gossip-Girl Zenzi or the walk of grouse. Those guided tours put a timeline back to life where witches were haunting and performing seedy meetings. Be careful when entering the legendary Dümpfel-Moore.

Cycling in the palace gardens of the Allgäu

Once the royalty and kings family were traveling with carriages across this beautiful scenery - accordingly we now have established a diversified cycling road network – certified with five stars multiple times now by the German Cycling Association ADFC. Luggage-shuttle and special bed and bike offers included.


Enjoy the royal atmosphere and more that 13 different routes. There is a lot to discover as from the eight-lakes-trail to the panoramic trail. You can cycle on the old rail tracks of the steam trains from Marktoberdorf to Lechbruck or you can discover the villages on the Oberdorfer Cycling-trail. Ride along the diversity of the Ostallgäu.


You can get further information directly at the website of the Schlosspark (Paradise gardens). Internetseite des Schlossparks.
















Schlossparkradrunde / Paradise Gardens Tour

If you want to get to know the full variety of the Ostallgäu, you are recommended the Schlossparkrunde (Paradise Gardens Tour). With a total length of 28, 5 km this track leads from King Ludwigs castle to the hometown of Priest Kneipp , Bad Wörishofen. The German Cycling Association ADFC has certified this track with the highest rating of five stars.


More information about the tour, parking possibilities, service stations and many other things can be acquired at our tourism office. The Allgäu Shuttle can help you with your luggage, for you to fully enjoy your trip.















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