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Try our buffet of mystic forests, clear ponds, lovely hills, high mountains, traditional farms, rustic taverns, legendary castles, romantic châteaus, homelike villages and comforting towns. Our hosts are waiting for you.

Blick vom Auerberg | © Christoph Jorda

Village twinnings

Marvellously soft water flatters the skin - a place for elves to bath.


Alongside the green sunbathing lawn runs a wooden path through the vast reed banks and right into the Elbsee moor. You can listen to the concert of the red bunting and her friends at dusk.


Countless ways are leading into and around the nature reserve of the Elbsee. The surrounding landscape is cultivated by local farmers - a lot of them bio certified. Come closer, those proud people would like to show you their world.


On a hill in the northwest, the pilgrimage church St. Alban watches over the people of Aitrang. A church with a unique wooden roof construction and a strong-voiced organ attracting pilgrimages for more than 500 years.


The villages offers everything needed, from butcher to baker to hair dresser. An offer that is not self-granted anymore. As of late there is now a real Barista with his own coffee roasting plant, with weekly tours and coffee seminars.



We won’t let you down but it will be rocky.


Fortunately the rope bridge is not high up and until now every wanderer has passed the river Wertach so far. The daring have a lot of fun with “bridge swinging”.


Having romantic cascading waterfalls, beautiful moors and a natural outdoor pool, filled by freshwater springs, this village is all about water. In 1902 the first hydro-electric power plant of the Allgäu was built here and hence Görisried was the first village with electricity in the Allgäu. The construction site can still be visited nowadays.


This energy within this village is everywhere. There is a site for every sport from beach volleyball to skating and tennis courts and bowling. Also fully loaded is the calendar of events: Cooking with herbs, weekly local Hobo stews, Oldtimer gatherings, Go To Gö – the biggest Rock-Pop-Festival in the Allgäu, local costumes eves, alpenhorn concerts and the traditional “Hoigarta” – gossiping at the regulars’ table.



According to legends, Eve took a piece from paradise – in the form of a four leaf clover. The people of Lengenwang have their own paradise and established clover leaf paths: four themed trails on which there is a lot to marvel and experience about. Starting and ending points are both at the restored railway station in the centre of the village. Here you get the clover leaf ticket. Whomever finishes all the trails will get a reward in form of a souvenir at the town hall, the Café Höbel or at the Goldener Adler.


Vivid craftsmanship: Miller Reichart tells about his guild at the Tannenmühle in Sigratsbold. At the turnery Adomat artwork from wood and alabaster can be seen. The master himself is giving away his knowledge to those who are interested in his arts with courses for beginners and professionals. 


The ones seeking peace and contemplation will find inspiration at the chapels’ path. Children couples are much into the rides with the old horse carriages which does not mean, that it is only reserved for them.   



Carina will lead you back home, because she was the guiding cow during the last Viehscheid (home coming of the cows / cattle splitting).


A new crown-bearing cow is selected and beautifully dressed ever year. Then the journey starts from the Apfeltranger Schrofenstein Alp the the Scheidplatz, where the animals are returned to their owners after the summer. The return is celebrated by the whole village with music and a hearty meal!


Wonderful cycling and wandering trails are surrounding the alp even reaching the Elbsee. The view from the Alps tavern, Bergmansalpe, into the scenic alpine upland is worth the efforts. You are cycling on those fabled trails from the “headless poodle” to the “red musketeer” keeping even tired kids on the track.


Most impressive is the number of taverns in the village. Eight gastronomies guarantee a great variety and two of them are even brewing their own beer! And there is the cheese dairy with a rustic cheesy snuggery. Here the famous Allgäuer Romadur is fabricated. The latest arrangement is a cheese vending machine. A spiffy farmer is offering fresh milk from the tap and local specialities via his own milk house – 24 hours, seven days a week.



You will be put over the barrel (or table)!


That may happen in Stötten am Auerberg, but not symbolically, but physically: Fingerhakeln (Finger wrestling), number one of the ancient Bavarian sports. In the early ages quarrels were settled that way. Today it is an accredited competitive sport with strong regulations. And the championships usually end with a comfortable part as seen during the German Championship 2011 in Stötten: a large beer tent.


Tradition and ancient customs are kept up in this typical village at the foot of the 1.055m Auerberg. An active Club is organising classic folk theatre, the dress association invites to events and dancing nights and the dialect comedians “A(lb) Traumpaar a guaranteeing best entertainment with double twists and Allgäuer sophistry.


The Georgi Ride is an annual spectate with horses and riders, to colourfully tell the story of the roman history of the Auerberg. By the way, there are a lot of magical stories about the mystic Auerberg – from the gold mongering Venice-man to the treasure at the Bottomless Lake.



The swarming of unwed persons throughout the whole night was very much disliked by the priest Reichart of Unterthingau in 1837 and told the Royal Bavarian Government. More dreadful things never occurred in the history of the community. Quite the contrary – more than a 1250 years ago, civil servants and government administrators settled here and built the red castle of Unterthingau at the beginning of the 16th century.


No matter if in Unterthingau, Oberthingau or Rehinhartsried, it is still a vivid and folksy place and life is joyful at the cosy taverns in the villages. There is nothing missing: Wandering and cycling trails, lakes and pools, concerts and parties with the mountains at the doorstep. Especially hip amongst cyclists and wanderers with drained feels, are the home-made cakes at the Höllbauer.


Kids would like to let it go as soon as possible at the landmarked Häringer Haus in the centre of Unterthingau. The homeland museum of the community owns an ancient grocery store - the perfect playground for little merchants.



The three ponds of Wald are queuing like beads on a lace.


The first one invites for a swim with a long pier leading to deeper waters. At the center of the lake is a trampoline –what a fun attraction. Hungry visitors can get a snack at the kiosk and the kids can enjoy the playground. The second one is used by the Walder Weiher Association for fishing and guests are invited to join. The third promises silence: natural wooden sun loungers invite to take a little rest in the midst of the nature trail.


The village of Wald is embedded between forests and fields. The river Wertach is meandering close by and the Alps are so close, that they seem graspable. The perfect location to start a cycling or wandering tour. Cross-country ski runs are professionally made in winter so cross-country skiers can keep on moving.


One can see both the Walder Ponds and the “Waldhalla”, from the campers parking. Besides Sporting events the Waldhalla is a cultural place as well with music nights, concerts and high-level theatre performed by the well-known Walder theatre-group